Furnace Cleaning

Furnace Cleaning

A clean furnace is essential for safe and efficient heating, especially during the winter!

Champagne Cleaners in Barrie, Ontario offers expert furnace cleaning services

Does your furnace need cleaning? Your furnace is probably your most important yet neglected home appliance - especially after the long hibernation during the warmer months.

When furnaces are not cleaned for a lengthy amount of time, they can collect a large amount of dust, breed mold and mildew, as well as produce poor air quality and aggravate allergy symptoms or health problems. These problems can be reduced by having your entire furnace cleaned, as well as air duct cleaning.

In addition, cleaning your furnace can improve the efficiency and reduce the cost of your energy bills each month. Champagne Cleaners offers not just air duct cleaning, but the entire furnace system - including the blower, heat exchangers, condensate pan and cooling coils. Keep your airflow efficient and your air clean!

Call Newmarket: (905) 954-0039, Barrie: (705) 721-1297 or Keswick (905) 476-7247 to schedule your professional and affordable furnace cleaning.

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